Our land loading arm is especially designed for loading and unloading liquids from railcars and tank truck.

The type of land loading arm is divided into top loading arm and bottom loading arm.

Our loading arm can be customized as the requirements of customer, characteristics of liquids, local conditions etc.

Equipped with loading platform, folding stairs and safety cage to make the land loading arm

into a complete loading system.


Nominal diameter range from 1”to 8”

Working temperature range from -196°C to 250°C

Working pressure PN1.0-PN4.0

Material of pipeline: carbon steel, stainless steel, low-temperature steel etc.


Optional accessories:

Submersible pump 

Vacuum breaker

Heating system/Insulation

Level switch

Break away Coupling

Dry break

Drip bucket











    Model AL1401                                                                Model AL1402                       


AL1403 top loading and unloading 



AL1412 top loading arm with vapor return pipe.  It can often be used to load some volatile and noxious products.  The vapor arm can be flexible hose or metal pipe  



Jacket heating/ heat tracing loading arm

Loading and unloading of high viscosity liquid,such as bitumen. The heating  can be steam tracing, electric heat tracing and oil heating




AL2503 Bottom loading arm                                         AL2543 Bottom loading arm (LPG) 


              API rp 1004- bottom loading arm